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6-7 June 2002


last updated: 4-6-2002

Conference sessions will be broadcast realtime over the internet. The broadcast will be a RealNetworks live video.

Thursday 6 June 2002



University Congregation Hall


Opening of the Conference


Key note Address

Chairman: A.B. Sideridis
Session Panel: Sidney Cox, Gerhard Schiefer

ICT trends and prospects for the Agriculture in Greece
Alexander Sideridis

The Application of Information Technology to Agriculture. Its Present Status and Future Development
Sidney Cox

The New Technologies and their impact to Agriculture, the Environment and the Food Industry.
Gerhard Schiefer




Agricultural Museum Building






Session 1 A E-commerce -I
Chairman: A. Tsakalidis

  1. Use of Intelligent Agents in the E-Agribusiness Environment,
    S. Karetsos, C. Costopoulou, M. Lambrou, V. Zorkadis
  2. A Portal For Agricultural and Agribusiness Network
    Maro Vlachopoulou, Vicky Manthou
  3. Business-To-Business E-Commerce: An Innovative Tool For Effective Food Chain Management
    Ilias P. Vlachos

Session 1 B Precision Agriculture
Chairman: T. Matsuda

  1. Precision Farming Experience in Europe and the Greek Potential
    T. Gemtos, S. Fountas, , B.S. Blackmore, H.W. Greipentrog

  2. Implementation of a Complete Precision Farming Decision Making System in Greek Farms
    Michalis Papaeconomou

  3. Precision Farming Trough Internet and Mobile Communication
    Pavel Gnip , Stanislav Holy , Stepan Kafka , Karel Charvat

Session 1 C Education & Training
Chairman: J. Steefe

  1. Education of ICT Experts in Agricultural Universities
    Ivan Vrana

  2. ICTs and Regional Development. The ISDN Service of Tele-Education, as a Tool for the Development of Mountainous Regions in Greece.
    Zacharoula S. Andreopoulou, Demosthenis G.Theoharopoulos, Anastassios C. Papastavrou

  3. Principles of Precision Agriculture: Establishment of a New Course in an Innovative Curriculum at the Dimitris Perrotis College of Agricultural Studies at the American Farm School.
    Athanasios C. Gertsis. Dimitris Perrotis, George C. Vellidis, Evangelos A. Vergos.




Session 2 A E-commerce-II
Chairman: I. Vrana
  1. E-Commerce in Agriculture: Applications, Impacts, Benefits and Drawbacks
    Maria Roumana, Μaro Vlachopoulou, Basil Manos
  2. A Horticultural Vortal for Mediterranean Countries
    S. Karetsos, C. Costopoulou, H.C. Passam, J. Karapanos
  3. E-Commerce in the Czech Agriculture
    Jirina Slaisova, Frantisek Vanicek
  4. e advice: Adaptation of Agricultural Advisory Services to ebusiness
    I.Thysen, J.G. Hansen, A.L. Jensen
Session 2 B ICT in Crop Production
Chairman: E. Gelb
  1. Planning Crop Production in Arid Environment of Kuwait
    M. Abdal and M. Suleiman

  2. A Concept of the Evaluation Module of Potato Technology Variants
    Jacek Holaj, Andrzej S. Zaliwski

  3. Yield Mapping of Cotton Crop in Greece
    Ath. Markinos, T.A.Gemtos, L. Toulios, D. Pateras , G. Zerva

  4. Design, Construction and Testing of an Instrumented Tractor to Measure Forces on Agricultural Implements and Energy Consumption during field work
    I. Papathanassiou Ch. Kavalaris Ch. Karamoutis T.A.Gemtos

Session 2 C ICT in Food Industry
Chairman: C. Kittas
  1. Wireless Communication in the Agri/Food-Industry
    Karel Charvat

  2. Food Marketing and the Web. Is the Web Presence of Food Firms Residing in Different Geographical Areas the Same Or Different?
    Peter Mplouhos, George Chryssochoidis

  3. Food Safety Chain Using IT
    Tomoyoshi Matsuda, Makito Hirose


Reception by the Mayor of Athens

Friday 7 June 2002

Agricultural Museum Building






Session 3A Intelligent Systems in Agriculture-I
Chairman: S.Cox

  1. A Multi-Agent System for monitoring the production of the microbial polysaccharide gellan
    Ioannis Giavasis, Eleni E. Mangina

  2. Fuzzy Set Theory in Agricultural Systems Research
    Athena Tocatlidou

  3. NEST: The Web Dimension of a Knowledge Storage Technique
    Michael T. Maliappis

Session 3 B GIS-I
Chairman: N.Syllaios
  1. FIGO:Fuzzy Interoperable Geographical Object. An Approach of Enhancing Spatial Objects with Fuzzy Behavior,
    M. Sabrakos, C.P Yialouris, Th. Tsiligiridis

  2. Neural Networks for Landscape Applications
    Thomas Glezakos, Theodore Tsiligiridis

  3. Geotechnologies in Agriculture
    Leonidas G. Toulios

Session 3 C Green house technologies
Chairman: G. Mavrogiannopoulos
  1. Design Optimization of Greenhouse Heating and Ventilation Systems with Numerical Methods
    Bartzanas Thomas and Kittas Constantinos

  2. Computer-Controlled Recycling of Nutrient Solutions in Hydroponics by Means of two Alternative Models
    Dimitrios Savvas, Ioannis Tsirogiannis

  3. "GEM", an e-Community for the dissemination of information on Greenhouse Technology
    S. Tsalapatas, P. Giaglaras, S. Kavouras, P. Karaiskou, C. Kittas




Session 4 A DSS
Chairman: G. Schiefer
  1. A Decision Support System Approach for Monitoring and Sustainable Management of Strymon River
    Th. Bournaris, B. Manos, N. Silleos, V. Antonopoulos

  2. A Decision Support System in Irrigated Agriculture
    Odysseus Manoliadis, George Karantounias

  3. A Decision Support System for Farm Regional Planning
    I. Papathanasiou, I. Vassiliadou, Μ. Vlachopoulou, B. Manos

  4. Scenario Based Decision Making in the Broiler Industry Using the BRODESSYS Decision Support System
    Eleni Kalentzi, Christos Batzios, Michail Salampasis

  5. New Agricultural Products Development Using Data Mining Techniques and Multicriteria Methods
    N.F. Matsatsinis.

Session 4 B GIS-II
Chairman: G. Migiros

  1. Presentation of the Basic Farm Structure Survey 2000 Using GIS. A Case Study in Some Regions of Greece
    Vasiliki Benaki, Marios Sabrakos, Theodore Tsiligiridis

  2. A GIS Application for the Integrated Water Resources Management of Naxos Island (Greece)
    Nicholas Dercas, Konstantinos Soulis, Spyros Kyritsis

  3. Production of Suitability Maps for N-Fertilizers Use Using GIS Model Building Capabilities
    D.P. Kalivas, J.H. Assimakopoulos, V.J Kollias

  4. Computer mapping and statistical modeling of the expansion of major aphids in Greece
    Elias Zintzaras and John A. Tsitsipis

Session 4 C Multimedia Applications
Chairman: T.Tsiligiridis
  1. Common Weeds of Greece on CD-ROM Morphology - Biology- Control
    Petros Ch. Lolas, Alexios P. Lolas

  2. Peach Cultivation in Greece G
    Daoutopoulos, M. Vasilakakis, G. Ioannidis, A. Aleksandridis and A. Economidis





Session 5 A Intelligent Systems in Agriculture-II
Chairman: H.C. Passam
  1. Making Use of Agent - Based Technology In Agricultural Applications
    Eleni E. Mangina

  2. Model-Based Diagnosis in Diagnostic Expert Systems: Agricultural applications with a case study of vegetable pests and diseases
    B. D. Mahaman, A. B. Sideridis, C.P. Yialouris

  3. A Decision Support System for Insect Identification and Forest Protection: A Case Study of Pine, Fir and Chestnut Forests
    S. Kaloudis, D. Anastopoulos, C. P. Yialouris, N.A. Lorentzos, A.B. Sideridis

Session 5 B Internet Application
Chairman: G. Gemtos

  1. An Internet Application on the Transmission of Agricultural Data
    N. Gitsakis, G. Nikolaidis, X. Ganatsiou, S. Tzortzios.

  2. Identifying Use and Impact of the Internet in the Greek Agricultural Sector: Preliminary Results of a Survey of Web Site Owners
    Michail Salampasis ,Christos Batzios,Vagis Samathrakis, Stavros Androulidakis

  3. Interactive Diagnosis Through Low Bandwidth Network Infrastructure in Rural Areas: Application to crop and animal diseases diagnosis
    Y. Koumporos, B.D. Mahaman, M. Maliappis, H.C. Passam, A.B. Sideridis, V. Zorkadis

  4. Internet Decision Support for Integrated Plant Protection In Poland
    Andrzej S. Zaliwski

Session 5 C Workshop on Projects-I
Chairman: A. Offer
  1. Agroweb: An Innovative Approach to the Usage of the Internet in an Interdisciplinary Framework
    Vagelis Anastasiou, Athena Bazou, Stavros Savas, Sofoklis Sotiriou, Athena Sidiropoulou , Giorgos Tsakarissianos

  2. Innovative Mobile-ICT Services in Agriculture in the island of Crete
    Manolis Stratakis, Thanassis Kalyvas, Antonis Miliarakis

  3. Implementation of Go-digital project in Greece: The first results
    X. Tsilimparis

15.15-15:30 Coffee


Session 6 A System Design Aspects
Chairman: N. Lorentzos

  1. Information and Communication Technologies in Environmental Engineering, Agricultural and Food Quality Management: Security, Privacy and Copyright protection issues
    V. C. Zorkadis

  2. A Natural Language Interface for Greek Relational Databases
    Bouligaraki Maria, Syllaios George

Session 6 B ICT in Agricultural Development
Chairman J. Tsitsipis
  1. Making A µDotcom¶ Work: UK Experience One Year On
    Andy L Offer

  2. ICT and Rural Development: Critical Remarks
    Alex Koutsouris

  3. Constraints on ICT Adoption by Farmers and Extension
    E. Gelb C. Parker, P. Wagner, K. Rosskopf

  4. Information and Communication Technologies in Turkish Agriculture
    Kamil Okyay Sindir

Session 6 C Workshop on Projects-II
Chairman: S. Tzortzios

  1. Επιχειρησιακή Εφαρμογή Εκτίμησης Ζημιών από Ξηρασία στα Σιτηρά του Νομού Λάρισας με τη Χρήση Τηλεπισκόπισης και Γεωγραφικών Συστημάτων Πληροφοριών
    Nικόλαος Συλλαίος Γεώργιος Πετσάνης, Θωμάς Αλεξανδρίδης, Νικόλαος Καραπέτσας
  2. An Integrated Management Information Systems in Hydroponics
    A. Liopa Tsakalidis, G.N. Mavrogiannopoulos, H.C Passam, D.Savvas, A.B. Sideridis, C.P. Yialouris
  3. Innovative technologies and improved vocational training for the production and marketing of fresh fruits and vegetables (The FRELECTRA project)
    Vasso Argyropoulou
Session 6 D ICT in Environment
Chairman: J. Tsitsipis
  1. Providing Agro-Environmental Diagnosis at Farm Level: Needs and Perspectives from French Situation
    Jerome Steffe, Bernard Del Homme, Marilys Pradel

  2. A prototype of a DSS for motitoring the implication of radionuclides and open waiste burning in the enivornment
    G. Arapis, E. Bempelou, F. Lefkaditis, A. B. Sideridis and C. P. Yialouris

Round Table Discussion: ICT and Rural Development
Chaiman: A.B. Sideridis

Introductory presentation: Isidro Laso

Session Panel: S. Cox, E. Gelb, I. Lazo, B.Manos, A. Offer, G.Schifer,N.Syllaios, S.Tzortzios

18.00-19.30 EFITA Board Meeting
21.00 Farewell Dinner

last updated: 4-6-2002


Organized by:HAICTA
Hellenic Association of Information
and Communication Technology
in Agriculture, Food and Environment